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Is America Out of Gold?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Economy

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Institute for Political Economy


According to former Reagan administrations Undersecretary of the U.S. Treasury, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, that is precisely what he is saying.  While Wall Street and soon to be former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke tend to poo-poo anything having to do with gold and any person inquiring about gold and its real values in the marketplace, Dr. Roberts paints a far different picture of the reality of U.S. gold reserves, and the significance this will play in both our economy and the future value of the U.S. Dollar.  We’ve addressed this before in an earlier posting, however we wanted our readers to clearly understand information that is not widely reported on, understood, and sadly not taken seriously by even some of the more educated and experienced public. Read more

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3 STEPS – To Grow Your Practice in 2014

Hello Everyone!  We’re always asked by new clients, “How can I grow my business this year?”  There are two answers…the first answer is short…begin by implementing the three steps listed below.  The longer, more detailed answer requires more critical thinking, strategic business planning, and tactical implementation.  That said, let’s get to the “Short Answer” by following these three steps: Read more

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Do You Want To Know…Really?

Federal-Reserve-Building-Washington D.C.

Federal-Reserve-Building-Washington D.C.


Good Morning!  So, let me ask you…how can the stock market be at all-time highs, the bond market is just off their all-time highs (it peaked approx. 18 months ago, but still at stratospheric levels), the U.S. Federal Deficit is at all-time record highs, the demand for “physical” gold is booming everywhere in the world except the U.S., yet gold prices have declined from their 2011 highs (approx. $1900 p/oz.) and are currently stagnant?  Do you ever wonder where this QE money is coming from?  Do you ever ask yourself how or why?  Is anyone awake? Read more

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Part 2: Strategic Growth – For Law Firms

from: The Am Law Daily

from: The Am Law Daily


Good Morning Everyone!  We’re continuing from our Part 1 post on Strategic Growth (based on an interesting New Report from Georgetown Law (which also appeared in the Am Law Daily, dated Jan. 6th, 2014)

We now turn our focus to merging as a means of growth.  Over the years, we have personally lived through and witnessed many, many mergers in a variety of industries and businesses, both small and large.  We can tell you, the outcome has not always been for the better.  In many cases, mergers can be more costly in terms of lost or defecting human capital and talent to other competing organizations.  The firm or business being acquired can often times end up on the short-end of the stick…and employees are now well aware of this.   The result in many situations can be the gradual decline of an organization; which is the opposite result that the merging entities were originally striving for!  Again, we said in many cases…not all.  For mergers to be successful, keep the following points in mind: Read more

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Part 1: Strategic Growth – For Law Firms

from: The Am Law Daily

from: The Am Law Daily


Good Morning!  We saw an interesting New Report from Georgetown Law, which also appeared in Am Law Daily (Jan 6th, 2014) that we thought would be of interest to our lawyer clients & business clients alike.  This article focuses on how law firms should not chase growth just for the sake of growth.  We couldn’t agree more.  It’s very easy for law firms and businesses in any industry, and of all sizes to get caught up in the merger and acquisition frenzy because of the perceived “need” to grow…but be careful!  Often when this activity heats-up, pricing multiples are high, and a haste to acquire may not be as strategic as you believe.  Acquisitions should be a well-thought out part of a firms’ long-term and strategic planning process. Read more

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Statistics…An Unbiased Source?

Good Morning!  We came across an interesting website called and thought it would be of interest to those who are seeking alternative sources of statistical information such as the Unemployment Rate, CPI and M3 (which is no longer being published…I wonder why?).  We found this site to be of interest and a helpful alternative to statistical information published by the U.S. Government.  Those of you who know statistics, and have a financial background understand that the numbers that are published to the public by the U.S. Government may not always tell the whole picture…and we’re putting it mildly.  We hope this site will become a helpful tool for you in your personal and professional lives, and remember…always do your own homework. Read more