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Is The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act Impotent?

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal


Nomi Prins

Nomi Prins

Good Morning Everyone!  Today’s question…are you among those who believe that the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act has strengthened the banking and financial systems, and if so, how?  Who really has benefitted from this Act…the bankers or we the people?

Well, we have an eye opening, candid, insightful and fact-based article to share with you on the effectiveness (or better put…impotence) of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, and the need to bring back the effective Glass-Steagall Act from  former Wall Street insider and highly acclaimed author and speaker, Nomi Prins.  Ms. Prins recently delivered a recorded video message to the attendees of the Schiller Institutes 30th Anniversary.  Her message centers on unveiling the ineffectiveness of the Dodd-Frank Act, and the need to bring back or reconstruct a very close version of the Glass-Steagall Act in order to preserve the banking system FOR THE PEOPLE….NOT THE BANKS! Read more

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What’s Your Business Interruption Plan?

GMS Business Consulting 3-Step-Solution

GMS Business Consulting


Hello Everyone!  As you know, our previous post on June 6th centered on how you can prepare and protect your personal and business finances prior to the next economic meltdown, with guidance from former Wall Street insider Nomi Prins.  This post is going to address how you can better prepare your business in case of an unexpected business interruption such as a natural disaster or any other type of situation that could disrupt the flow and operation of your business for an extended period of time.  So here are a few scenarios for you to ponder:  You’re heading into work on what appears to be an ordinary weekday morning, and everything is rolling along, business as usual… Read more

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U.S. Supreme Court Rules…Aereo is Finished

Photographer: Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo Chet Kanojia, founder and CEO of Aereo, Inc., shows a tablet displaying his company’s technology, in this Dec. 20, 2012 file photo in New York.


June 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Paul Sweeney examines the business implications of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against Aereo and how it impacts copyrights and content providers. He speaks on “Market Makers.”

June 25 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Paul Sweeney examines the business implications of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against Aereo and how it impacts copyrights and content providers. He speaks on “Market Makers.”





According to Bloomberg,  a unanimous 6-3 decision has been reached by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that Aereo Inc. is violating broadcasters’ copyrights.  This will most certainly end the pursuit of this company and its’ ambition to transform the television industry.  While this is a blow to the Dillard backed company, this is a victory for the following broadcasters and organizations: Walt Disney Co. (DIS)’s ABC, 21st Century Fox Inc., Comcast Corp. (CMCSA)’s NBC Universal and CBS Corp. (CBS) , National Football League and Major League Baseball. Read more

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Protecting Your Business & Personal Assets…Before The Next Financial Crises!


Hello Everyone!  As you know, we aim to bring insightful news, practical information, and reliable sources that can help you personally and professionally.  Most of the information we bring to your attention is not readily available on mainstream media for a variety of reasons (which we’ve covered in prior postings).  As informed readers, we know that the state of the economy is NOT as it is commonly reported to be on mainstream media. Read more

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Is the Fed Laundering Treasury Purchases?

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Hello Everyone!  This interview caught our attention, and we wanted to bring it to your attention… “Is the Fed Laundering Treasury Purchases?”  Well the answer to that question is YES, according to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Chairman of  The Institute for Political Economy, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan administration, and former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal).  Do you think he knows a thing or two about how the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury and the treasury market works?  You can read about this issue and see the interview Video posted today on Greg Hunter’s Read more

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Is Aereo Legal? What the Supreme Court Is Deciding: Video – Bloomberg

Supported devicesHello Everyone!  Are you tired of paying outrageous oligopoly fees to the cable companies to view your favorite TV programs?  Well, there’s a new solution in about a dozen major cities across the U.S., and it’s making its way to your neck of the woods.  That is…if the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t stop them in a major lawsuit by industry leading broadcasters.  The business is called Aereo.   As we post this, the U.S. Supreme Court is currently hearing the case, and is due to announce its decision in late June or early July before their summer break. Read more

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Is The US Economy A House Of Cards?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - IPE

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – IPE U.S. Unemployment Rate U.S. GDP Annual Growth


Good Morning Everyone!  Each day, we listen to various forms of  news media talking about our economic recovery…that the economy is bouncing back from the great recession.  We do see evidences that there are pockets of recovery, particularly in the areas of oil and natural gas.  But as a nation as a whole, what type of recovery are we seeing?  What are the majority of new jobs being created?  Locally here in Petaluma, CA we see new shopping centers sprouting up.  That’s good right?  Well…what types of jobs are being created?  Retail.  While these jobs are necessary, they are the lowest paying.  We’ve also noticed that there are many vacancies in these new shopping centers.  So what does that say?  Are the developers simply ahead of the economic curve and anticipating a stronger recovery ahead?  Is the economy truly recovering, and if so, how meaningful is this “recovery”…or is it merely a temporary uptick…or is it possibly a house of cards? Read more

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How is the Internet Connected Globally?

courtesy telegeography

courtesy Telegeography


Interactive map by Telegeography

Interactive map by Telegeography

<<< CLICK ON THE PICTURE to the left to view eleven slides of the global internet network, as provided by an article on CNN’s Tech section online.  Practically all of our international web traffic, and each artery has been logged by the Washington research firm Telegeography.  This is an amazing collection of graphic charts, mapping out the global internet network.  The larger picture on the right, is an interactive map that provides a detailed description of the fiber optic cable process, and a panoramic view of the global internet infrastructure. Read more

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Are Employers Squeezing 401(k)’s?

Photographer: Peter Foley/Bloomberg

Photographer: Peter Foley/Bloomberg


Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Hello Everyone!  We thought this article on Bloomberg highlighting how company’s may be squeezing 401(k)’s would be of interest…to both  employer’s and employee’s.  We’re going to approach this issue from as balanced a perspective as we can.  We are by no means speaking on behalf of any particular company or organization nor any individual…it’s just from the perspective of GMS Business Consulting.  That said, let’s begin looking at this retirement plan benefit from the perspective of the Employer side. Read more

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“pCell”…Game-Changing Data Technology!

Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

Peter DaSilva for The New York Times


PCell Demo Steve Perlman, Founder and Chief Executive, Artemis

pCell Demo
Steve Perlman, Founder and Chief Executive, Artemis

Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

Hello Everyone!  We are so excited to post about a new technology we discovered while perusing a NY Times Article by Nick Wingfield.  The technology is called “pCell” that could very well revolutionize the way high-speed data is delivered or streamed.  This technology breakthrough revolutionizes the data streaming and viewing experience of HD using our desktops, tablets, and smartphones!  Most of us have issues from time to time streaming HD on our smartphones or tablets when we are located in either remote locations or densely populated areas such as sporting events.  Well, that’s about to change… Read more