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Good Morning Readers!  So…is Bitcoin here to stay?  Is it a legitimate currency or is it simply another fiat or fad currency?  We have been researching and discussing the craze and issues surrounding Bitcoin and crypto currencies, and wanted to share what we learned with you.  It seems that everyday people we speak with tend to have many of the same questions…such as:

  • How does it work?  (Click HERE for a basic introduction to Bitcoin)
  • Is it a real and viable currency?
  • Is it a bubble?
  • Is is sustainable?
  • What backs this and other crypto currencies?
  • Will crypto currencies put the banks out of business?
  • Should I invest in crypto currencies?
  • Is it safe?

Trying to answer all these questions isn’t possible in one post.  Rather we simply want to address these questions, but from a broad or macro spectrum.  Listed below are a few links from some pretty smart people who have a good understanding of the economic, financial, geo-political and social perspectives who also share their thoughts on crypto currencies.  Just take some time and listen to what they have to share.  You don’t have to take their word for it, just balance what they’re presenting and addressing and compare it to the many, many crypto currency proponents out there in order to get a more balanced view.  That’s all…  So, take a listen to these interviews (some of these interviews cover a multitude of economic areas other than crypto currencies, but what they have to say in these other areas shape their views on crypto currencies.  Then we’ll highlight a few of our own points to consider further down in our post:


POINT #1 – There are so many questions and issues related to Bitcoin and crypto currencies as to whether or not they’re a legitimate form of currency.  Before we go any further in expressing our opinions, let me be very, very clear on this…  GMS Business Consulting, Inc. is NOT an investment advisory firm. We do NOT give clients investment advice…period.  We provide business advice and are compensated for providing business advisory services and guidance. Because we have financial backgrounds at international investment firms and international consulting firms, we are simply choosing to exercise our freedom of speech by expressing our OPINIONS on various sorts of issues, events, and matters including Bitcoin and crypto currencies to our readers.

So…our short answer as to whether or not Bitcoin is a legitimate currency or not is…in our opinion is…yes, it’s “currently” a legitimate yet limited form of currency as evidenced by some businesses and individuals accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for goods and services provided.  That said, this crypto currency has never been tested in a financial crisis nor can it be “directly” purchased or redeemed at your local bank (yet).  You can purchase crypto currencies directly through a crypto wallet (such as Coinbase) by using your bank account or debit card/credit card to purchase the crypto currency itself and storing it in your crypto wallet.  However your local bank doesn’t currently “issue/sell/redeem” Bitcoin.  Once you have the crypto currency in your crypto wallet, you may then use these to pay for products and services from businesses who accept Bitcoin or other crypto currencies for payment.  The funds used to purchase crypto currencies do come directly from your bank account in the form of U.S. dollars (or whatever your local currency is such as euro’s/ sterling/etc.), and the crypto currency can then be sold and stored in your crypto wallet to purchase other crypto currencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin…or… the proceeds may be converted back into your local currency and redeposited back into your local bank account.

POINT #2 – Now…as far as “investing” in crypto’s is concerned, there is no doubt that many, many individuals have made a lot of money investing and trading these crypto currencies over the last few years, especially in 2017.  That said, many, many people will lose a lot of money as well investing/trading Bitcoin and others, just as many individuals made and lost money in the .com bubble and the real estate bubbles.  Both of those bubbles had viable companies and assets, but many companies were not viable or they increased to such highly inflated values with nothing to to back their valuations, resulting in their downfall.  Did some .com companies and real estate survive the 2008 financial crisis and still exist today?  Of course some survived and thrived!  But not all survived nor made money.  Given that crypto currencies are relatively new, untested, highly volatile and to a great extent still somewhat of a mystery as to how they actually work and what backs the value of these crypto’s at the end of the day, we would approach investing in crypto’s with caution.  Invest only what you could afford to lose.

POINT #3 – As far as “trading” crypto currencies, it all comes down to buying low and selling high…it’s about TIMING!  It’s about “when” you buy and when you sell.  If you don’t have knowledge about the investment vehicle you’re trading AND a discipline to manage your trading, then you’re simply gambling your money blindly with the hopes and dreams of making money.  It’s called greed…  As humans, we tend to be motivated by two emotional states of mind…greed and fear.  Right now, 9 years after the real estate bubble, and 16 years after the .com bubble, many people have forgotten the the golden rules…the principles of investing…buy low, sell high.  The question is…how high will Bitcoin and other crypto currencies go?  Nobody knows!  If you believe you have an adequate knowledge of crypto currencies and the discipline to successfully trade these crypto currencies, then by all means exercise your freedom to do so.  If you don’t have either one, then I  would make three recommendations:

  1. Get informed on both sides (research the pro’s and cons/risks of investing in crypto currencies) from knowledgable, experienced sources, and…
  2. Implement a disciplined investing/trading system to identify changes in the momentum of the particular crypto currency you’re interested in investing or trading, and lastly…
  3. Invest only what you can afford to lose…period.  As mentioned before…these crypto currencies have NOT been tested in a financial crisis.

POINT # 4 – When it comes to really understanding the mechanics of crypto currencies, I still have not seen nor heard a “clear” definitive description or seen a diagram adequately explaining just how these actually work, (terms such as “distributed ledgers” and “blockchain” technology etc.)  How do they really work?  We’ve read the definitions, but even with our financial and consulting backgrounds, it’s still challenging to comprehend the meaning and processes involved given that the definitions are filled with crypto coding language to decipher in order to understand a single point in the definition itself!  Could YOU describe these terms to your colleagues so that they really understand how they work?  Can you explain it to the average person on the street in detail that perhaps even to a high school student to understand?  Or…are they so complex that only coders may understand?  That was the problem with derivatives… People could use the lingo, but they really had no idea of how they actually worked.  In my view, if you can’t explain it in plain…clear…English, then the person describing it really doesn’t understand it either.

POINT #5 – What actually backs these crypto currencies?  Other worthless forms of fiat currencies?  In a melt-down or an extreme loss of confidence, what is actually protecting and backing the value of this currency?  Who is backing it?  Enough said about that…

POINT #6 – Also, please consider the following points related to Bitcoin and crypto currencies:

  • If you believe investing or trading in crypto currencies will not become controlled and regulated by Wall Street and the central bankers of the world, the IMF or the BIS…think again.
  • If you believe Wall Street and the central bankers of this world are going to hand over or transfer their oversight/regulation/money-making control and power of international banking to unregulated crypto currencies to the individual or to the wild west internet?…think again.
  • If you believe Bitcoin or these crypto currencies can continue increasing in value without revaluations/corrections etc…think again and don’t forget the lessons of history.

POINT #7 – All that said, in this post, we’re simply wanted to present the cautionary-side of Bitcoin and crypto currencies by some very seasoned professionals with different backgrounds, and to give you some food for thought before jumping on the bandwagon of crypto currencies.  We wanted to provide the cautionary side because there are dozens and dozens of people singing only the praises of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  As mentioned earlier, you can watch dozens and dozens of people endorsing crypto currencies all over the internet.  And who knows, they may be spot-on with their research and analysis, but many are simply trying to sell you something without explaining the downside risks or providing a sound foundation of information for the individual.  We’re not concerned with Wall Street or the central bankers or the individuals who have already made their fortune by investing on the ground floor of these crypto currencies.  We’re mostly concerned about the average person, professional or laborer, who works hard for their money trying to make a living, and are considering crypto currencies.

POINT # 8 – Lastly, we do believe crypto currencies and blockchain technology are here to stay, but not in their current state…  Whether we like them or not, they’re part of our future in one form or another.  The issue is how will these crypto currencies be valued, protected, backed, as well as, how and who will regulate them?  Which of these will survive?   Have you considered that perhaps the central banks of the world, the IMF or the BIS are in the process of creating their own crypto currencies?  Do you think they haven’t been exploring this already?  Our thoughts and recommendations are simply to do your own research, speak with your investment adviser, and then proceed with caution.  We hope this post is of value to you because you are valuable to us…  Keep an eye out for our upcoming post in a few weeks about Hashgraph…will it replace blockchain technology?

GMS BUSINESS CONSULTING – provides lawyers and business professionals with Accounting Services, Business Development Services, Business Optimization Services and Digital Marketing Services to help business professionals successfully organize, grow and operate their businesses more effectively and efficiently.  We do NOT provide investment advice.  Contact Us  if you are interested in learning more about our services, and in particular about M.A.P.(our 3-phase business development solution), designed to help you strategically focus and tactically grow your business.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


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The Coming Economic Crisis: A Follow-Up

We wanted to provide you with a brief follow-up to our earlier post on the coming economic crisis back on November 3rd, 2016.  Those of you who “believe” you understand finance, investments, Wall Street, and how the economy really works…think again and humble yourselves, and listen to this insightful 2-Part interview on London Real with Jim Rickards.  This recent interview will bring you perspectives that cannot be obtained through mainstream media or an MBA program.  Rather, it is through decades of training, knowledge and experience shared by one of the brightest minds in the financial world.  Watch, listen and learn…get informed.  This is perhaps the most informative, insightful and important financial interview we have ever listened to.  See the links below:

Part 1  (this covers the first 48 minutes of a 1-hour-25 minute interview.  Just make sure to advance to 5 minutes into the interview to avoid all the annoying marketing intro.)

Part 2:  (this link is to view the interview in its entirety, which is approximately 1-hour-25 minutes.  You’ll need to register (it’s free) w/an email and password to access the entire interview on London Real …sorry!  Their rules, not ours…but it’s well worth it.  Just make sure to advance to 5 minutes into the interview to avoid all the annoying marketing intro.)

Do yourselves a favor and prepare for the coming economic crisis, and take the information provided in the interview, and take action.  Contact your financial advisor and discuss your strategy/ options/ and plan (however, my guess is that your typical investment / financial advisor will have no idea what Jim Rickards is talking about, and will most likely feed you with mainstream Wall Street investment advice…which borders on worthlessness).  Although we don’t provide investment advice, we’re more than happy to discuss business strategies to help you/your business navigate through the upcoming economic crisis.  Remember…it’s better to have a plan and have nothing happen, rather than not having a plan and something does happen…the results are vastly different.  Remember…do your research, get informed, and then you’ll be in a better position to make better informed decisions to survive the coming economic crisis.

Contact Us if you would like to discuss business strategies for your business.


GMS BUSINESS CONSULTING provides lawyers and business professionals with Accounting Services, Business Development Services, Business Optimization Services and Digital Marketing Services to help business professionals successfully organize, grow and operate their businesses more effectively and efficiently.  We do NOT provide investment advice.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our services, and in particular, about our M.A.P. (our 3-phase business development solution) to help you strategically focus and tactically grow your business.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


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Election Fraud In The U.S. – FACT OR FICTION?

Hello Everyone!  Well, we’re almost two weeks past the general elections, and we thought we’d let the dust settle a little bit before addressing the issue of election fraud, and whether or not it is fact or fiction would make for an interesting and timely post.  We are NOT claiming election fraud in this past election of President-elect Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, we’re simply addressing the issue, and attempting to shed some light on the possibility that election fraud may exist here in America, and if so…to what extent.  While mainstream media apparently dismisses the notion and possibility that election fraud exists here in the United States, and labels those who do believe this or discuss this as out-of-touch, non-sense and conspiracy theory, we want to show some alternative views from credible sources that you may want to consider.

Many people we have spoken with regarding the issue of election fraud and stolen election possibilities here in the U.S., both recently and in the past, also tend to dismiss this issue as either non-sense or a conspiracy theory as well.  The few people that we have spoken to about this issue that more readily accept this as a real possibility and threat are high-tech professionals who understand software & network engineering and mathematical algorithms.  That said, those business professionals generally do not fit our typical client profile for whom we are writing this post.  Business professionals like you (lawyers/CPA’s etc), while well-informed, generally dismiss this issue as well, due to disbelief that this could happen in America, lack of evidence or credible sources that would support this position and take this matter more seriously.  We’re not going to try convincing you one way or another as to “if” this happens or is even a possibility.  We simply want to present to you several sources of information for you to review, consider and to weigh the evidence so that you may come to your own conclusions.  As we ALWAYS stress to our readers, do your homework so that you are better informed so that you can make better decisions.

The better people are informed, the more likely corrective legislation can be discussed, drafted and implemented to change or fix the problem our society faces.  We don’t know if this past election was fixed/stolen/modified because there is no credible “provable” public audit of voting results prior to/during/after the polls close that verify that ALL voting terminals/servers/data centers have clean software, and accurate mathematical algorithms encoded into the software are verified.  If we do have this authenticated process in place, please let us and the sources listed below know…because we haven’t seen them yet.  Listed below are just a few of the many sources available that competently address the issue of election fraud in the U.S.:

  1. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury – Biography) discusses and provides links to support his position on election fraud ARTICLE #1, ARTICLE #2.
  2. World News Daily – Information Clearing House interview with Professor Mark Crispin Miller – (of New York University),  “Can U.S. Elections Be Stolen”
  3. – Black Box Voting, founded in 2003, is a nonpartisan investigative reporting and public education organization for elections.
  4. Investigative Reporter – Jon Rapporport’s blog post on October 31, 2016 Election Fraud

Interesting information, right?  The question is, how will we as voters, citizens of the United States respond to this issue?  Do we the American public really care or care enough to want to make a difference?  There is a solution…we the people must get informed, organize and discuss, then act judicially to hold our representatives accountable in making the changes necessary to resolve this issue.  We’ve presented some credible sources that expose that election fraud here in the U.S. exists.  So the question is, what are you and I going to do?…What are “we” going to do about it?

GMS BUSINESS CONSULTING provides lawyers and business professionals with Accounting Services, Business Development Services, Business Optimization Services and Digital Marketing Services to help business professionals successfully organize, grow and operate their businesses more effectively and efficiently.  We do NOT provide investment advice.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our services, and in particular, about our M.A.P. (our 3-phase business development solution) to help you strategically focus and tactically grow your business.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


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Image by: WiseGeek

Hello Everyone,  we hope all of you are in good health, prospering and productive.  You may have heard people talk about it before, and nothing has happened since 2008…yet.  As many of you know, earlier in my business career, I was a financial consultant for two large Wall Street Investment firms.  Over the past two decades, I have further expanded my breadth of knowledge and experience in business consulting for various business disciplines.  During which time I have also kept my hand on the pulse of the economic and financial world in which we have to live and navigate through.  Over the last three decades, I have seen and lived through several financial crises of which, by the grace of God, using some good common sense and incorporating some solid forecasting advice, I was 100% in cash 3-6 months PRIOR to the dot-com crash and the 2008-2009 crash.  (Please note: We are NOT investment advisers, nor are we giving investment advice.)  We’re simply sharing with you, our readers, how some proactive planning on your part may help you, your family and your business prepare for the coming economic crisis.  Thus, the title…”Warning – The Coming Economic Crisis.”

Over the years, I’ve noticed one important trend…the crises are getting worse as they come along.  The 2008-2009 crises literally brought the world to its knees…being within weeks if not days of a complete global financial banking melt-down.  Eight years later, I believe we are on the cusp of yet another, more severe economic crises that will forever change the world and how we transact business.  Nearly every person I speak with (business professionals and non-professionals alike) are completely uninformed about what happened leading up to the 2008 crisis, and have no clear understanding of what actually caused the economic crisis in 2008.  Most people simply believe it was about too many sub-prime home mortgages defaulting…really?  Do you honestly believe that was the true cause of almost bringing down the global financial system?  This post is not about explaining what happened in 2008 because that has already passed, and many have written about it.  Rather, we want to focus on what looms ahead and how you can prepare for it.  I know what you’re thinking… Things seem to be be better than they were a few years ago, and in many areas they are.  However, when you look at the foundations…the fundamentals of what support the global economy and not simply look at the short-term surface results, the picture is quite different.  We (GMS Business Consulting) feel like we’re all living economically on borrowed time.  Simply ask yourself the following questions:


  • Are near-zero interest rates a sign of a weak or strong economy?
  • Why has the Federal Reserve been so hawkish in raising interest rates for 8 years if the economy were as strong as reported, and so cautious this year about raising interest rates 1/4 of 1 percent?
  • Does a 25 basis point interest rate hike really threaten a healthy economy?
  • Would you or any reasonably-minded person or business man refuse to make a purchase because of a 25 basis point hike in interest rates? (I don’t believe so, unless that person is already at their 95% affordability index.)
  • So the questions begs an answer to:  Why is the Fed so cautious and reluctant to raise interest rates by 25 basis points once or twice a year?  What do they know that we don’t know…and are not telling us?
  • How do you get good financial information/perspective/forecasting, and not dumbed-down propaganda?

ANSWERS:  You have to do your homework.  You have to dig a little bit outside the mainstream sources of information.  You have to become financial and political atheists when it comes to seeking sources of good/reputable information.  You need to let go of the mainstream media sources like the CNN’s/FOX’s/NYTimes/Wall Street Journals etc.  Not that they’re bad, but I just don’t recall these sources effectively ringing the warning bells of prior crises or of the future looming crisis.  They’re pretty good at telling you what “happened” once the crises began, but not too effective about warning the public and accurately describing the lead-up to the crises themselves.  Perhaps they did provide some tid-bits of warning in isolated sound bites, but I personally don’t recall receiving my sources of preparedness of previous crises coming from these sources.

Given where we are economically and politically, there are a few sources that we believe have been credible over the years that we share with family and friends, that we would like to share with you…  Keep in mind these sources are not perfect/all-knowing/faultless etc., but they have good, long, solid records of experience and forecasting.  We would suggest starting with these, then branch out and seek more on your own.  Evaluate how they compare with your current sources.  If you “really” want to seek understanding of the economic and financial condition we’re living in, then you must give-up your biases, and seek truth and understanding.  Only then will you be able to clearly understand the facts as they are, and not as they’re reported or appear to be.  Then, you will be better prepared to engage in strategic planning for yourself, your family and your business to survive the coming economic crisis.  We have found the following 5 sources  to be very credible in economic, financial and political perspectives and forecasting.  You may not agree with them on each point, however the key is…to better build your sources of independent information to give you a balanced perspective from which to make better informed decisions.

  1. JIM RICKARDS (Attorney & Financial Expert – About Jim) – View these interviews to understand his perspective regarding the coming economic crisis ahead at: and
  2. NOMI PRINS (Former Goldman Sachs Director/Financial Expert/Author/Speaker) – View her bio here: and view her recent interview of the coming economic crisis here:
  3. DR. PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS (Economist/Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury/Author) – Visit his blog with interviews and articles at:
  4. GERALD CELENTE (Renowned Trend Forecaster) – You can view his website and subscribe to his newsletter at:   (Mr. Celente is very passionate, a political atheist, and very knowledgeable.  Focus on “what” he says, not “how” he says or expresses his views).
  5. JOHN WILLIAMS (Economist) – To better understand the “real” or true economic numbers reported to the public, John Williams strips away the non-sense used in massaging the economic indicators by government officials and mainstream media, and provides bare-bones numbers that more accurately reflect the state of the economy.  Visit his web site at:

CONCLUSION:  As we’ve mentioned, we believe we are on the cusp of another economic crisis of which we’ve never seen in our lifetimes.  Does that mean you should sell everything/close shop/stay inside/do nothing?  Absolutely not…it simply means get informed…better informed so that you can make better decisions on how to better prepare and protect your family and business once this crisis unfolds.  The sources I listed are simply the sources we have found outside of the mainstream media sources that have proven valuable to us over the last two decades.  There are many more sources out there…too many for us to list, and you too will find others as well if you do your homework.  Remember, you don’t have to agree with them on everything, simply listen to what they have to say, test their knowledge and perspectives, consult with your current advisers, and then make your own decision.  We simply didn’t want to let time go by and an opportunity slip away to warn our readers of what concerns us personally and professionally of what we see coming on the horizon, and to not take the opportunity to share our perspectives along with a few reputable sources.  Please don’t wait to do your planning now…the coming economic crisis isn’t waiting for you…


GMS BUSINESS CONSULTING provides lawyers and business professionals with Accounting Services, Business Development Services, Business Optimization Services and Digital Marketing Services to help business professionals successfully organize, grow and operate their businesses more effectively and efficiently.  We do NOT provide investment advice.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our services, and in particular, about our M.A.P. (our 3-phase business development solution) to help you strategically focus and tactically grow your business.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


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December Fed Hike…Really?

Federal-Reserve-Building-Washington-D_CHello Everyone, it’s been several months since our last post…quite busy here at GMS!  The general talk on Wall Street is that the Fed is going to raise rates this month.  Will they?  Well practically every Wall Street pundit on mainstream media thinks so…yet they thought the Fed would raise rates in September as well, and as we know the Fed did not raise rates.

Nomi-Prins2AllPresidentsBankersCoverAccording to former Wall Street insider Nomi Prins said in a recent interview in September, is that the Fed will NOT raise rates because they “can’t”. Read more

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Former Fed Regulator Appologizes For Quantitative Easing (QE)

Federal-Reserve-Building-Washington-D_C  JP Morgan Chase

Hello Everyone!  Anyone having a keen sense of the obvious would agree that too much power in the hands of too few is a recipe for disaster.  That is the current state of our banking/financial system, and more specifically, talking about the “Too big To Fail Banks” (which is counter to capitalism isn’t it?).  Listen to this interview on Bloomberg with former Fed regulator Andrew Huszar, who candidly yet diplomatically describes the foundational problems of the Fed, QE, and our current banking structure. Read more

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Protecting Your Business & Personal Assets…Before The Next Financial Crises!


Hello Everyone!  As you know, we aim to bring insightful news, practical information, and reliable sources that can help you personally and professionally.  Most of the information we bring to your attention is not readily available on mainstream media for a variety of reasons (which we’ve covered in prior postings).  As informed readers, we know that the state of the economy is NOT as it is commonly reported to be on mainstream media. Read more

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Is the Fed Laundering Treasury Purchases?

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Hello Everyone!  This interview caught our attention, and we wanted to bring it to your attention… “Is the Fed Laundering Treasury Purchases?”  Well the answer to that question is YES, according to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Chairman of  The Institute for Political Economy, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan administration, and former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal).  Do you think he knows a thing or two about how the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury and the treasury market works?  You can read about this issue and see the interview Video posted today on Greg Hunter’s Read more

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Is America Out of Gold?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Economy

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Institute for Political Economy


According to former Reagan administrations Undersecretary of the U.S. Treasury, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, that is precisely what he is saying.  While Wall Street and soon to be former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke tend to poo-poo anything having to do with gold and any person inquiring about gold and its real values in the marketplace, Dr. Roberts paints a far different picture of the reality of U.S. gold reserves, and the significance this will play in both our economy and the future value of the U.S. Dollar.  We’ve addressed this before in an earlier posting, however we wanted our readers to clearly understand information that is not widely reported on, understood, and sadly not taken seriously by even some of the more educated and experienced public. Read more

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Part 1: Strategic Growth – For Law Firms

from: The Am Law Daily

from: The Am Law Daily


Good Morning!  We saw an interesting New Report from Georgetown Law, which also appeared in Am Law Daily (Jan 6th, 2014) that we thought would be of interest to our lawyer clients & business clients alike.  This article focuses on how law firms should not chase growth just for the sake of growth.  We couldn’t agree more.  It’s very easy for law firms and businesses in any industry, and of all sizes to get caught up in the merger and acquisition frenzy because of the perceived “need” to grow…but be careful!  Often when this activity heats-up, pricing multiples are high, and a haste to acquire may not be as strategic as you believe.  Acquisitions should be a well-thought out part of a firms’ long-term and strategic planning process. Read more