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  • Strategically Focus & Tactically Grow Your Practice?
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  • Increase Your Billable Hours and Revenue?
  • Increase Your Cash- Flow and Profitability?
  • Have a Customized M.A.P. to Effectively Guide You?
  • Have an Experienced Personal Consultant Successfully Guide & Advise You?
  • Have Your Own Personal Coach to Help Sharpen Your Sales Skills?

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THE GOALProviding our clients with career-changing Business Development Strategies & Solutions that will revolutionize their practice, and deliver the optimal results and profitability they’re looking for in a cost-effective and measurable manner.  At GMS Business Consulting, we specialize in helping independent lawyers, law firms, CPA’s and other business professionals to strategically focus and tactically grow their practices using our exclusive business development solution called M.A.P. (it’s our Master Action Plan). 

THE PROCESS – With over 20 years of experience and expertise providing business development services for business professionals, this has enabled us to design a unique, powerful and comprehensive business development solution that will truly revolutionize how you approach, manage and grow your practice.  By refining and applying “Best Practices” methodologies, processes, and procedures we used to help large international firms, we’ve incorporated these same principles into our M.A.P. solution, and make them available for you to apply and implement into your own practice.  That’s only part of our solution…

M.A.P.  is a highly-collaborative and comprehensive 3-phased Master Action Plan that strategically and tactically unites:

  • A Personal Plan – personal goals & objectives, with…
  • A Business Plan – business goals AND business development goals & objectives, to produce…
  • An Action Plan – detailing an “actionable” prioritized listing of your personal goal action steps, business goal action steps, business development goal action steps, and business development campaign action steps to implement, monitor and measure your progress and success.

By utilizing the M.A.P. solution, our Business Development professionals are empowered to provide personal attention to every detail of your plan by working directly with you one-on-one, step-by-step, strategizing and exchanging information all the way through the process.  From documentation and strategic planning, through design and implementation, your personalized M.A.P. will enable you to successfully meet your business development goals and objectives.  During this highly collaborative process of exchanging information, we incorporate and leverage the flexibility and benefits of today’s technology.  So…depending on your office location, we have the ability to meet, discuss, and strategize face-to-face either in person or online via Go-To-Meeting, Google-Hangouts or Skype anywhere in the continental U.S.  We always strive to be respectful of client time and availability, and to be as effective and efficient as possible to deliver optimal results, and successfully get your business where you want it to be.

THE RESULT – We’ll help you strategically focus and tactically grow your business.  Our M.A.P. is a powerful business development solution unlike any other in the industry.  It provides you with a comprehensive, step-by-step process enabling you to strategically refine your business practice and value-proposition, while tactically implementing the necessary action-steps needed to successfully distinguish your practice from your competitors.   Our M.A.P delivers optimal and measurable results by helping you:

  • Strategically Reach Your “Desired” Target Market
  • Increase Your Desired Client Base
  • Increase Your Billable Hours/Revenue
  • Increase Your Business Market Exposure
  • Increase & Optimize Your Daily Productivity
  • Maximize Your Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Clarify and Align Your Personal Goals with Your Business Goals & Objectives
  • Optimize Your Digital Marketing Presence
  • Work Smarter…Not Harder

All you have to do is make the decision today, that you want to improve and grow your practice.  Then, we’ll help you begin the business development process by creating your own personal, customized M.A.POnce we complete drafting your personalized M.A.P., we’ll provide you with ongoing support for 1 year at no extra charge, to guide and direct you with implementing, monitoring and evaluating your progress.  You will begin transforming your practice from ordinary to extraordinary, by working smarter…not harder, and begin enjoying the fruits of your labor.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain…

Contact Us…We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you, and tell you more about how M.A.P. can transform your practice.

THE R.O.I. – Our M.A.P. is designed to deliver significant and measurable rates-of-return on your business development investment (as measured by calculating the cost of our plan, to the incremental value of adding just ONE additional client to your practice).  Naturally, as you implement your M.A.P. and add additional clients, your return-on-investment will continue increasing dramatically.  This solution is career-changing, in that you won’t operate your business the same as before. You’ll be equipped with a comprehensive, step-by-step plan, with actionable processes and procedures to strategically and tactically grow your practice each and every year.  No more guessing what to do or reacting to the latest sales and marketing trends.  Instead, you’ll be equipped with a powerful solution that provides strategic planning, tactical implementation steps, and tools to monitor and measure your progress.

Contact Us, and we’ll walk you through the rate of return you should expect to receive by implementing your personal M.A.P.


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