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Today we’re going to share with you a technology that has emerged that in our opinion will replace Blockchain technology.  It’s called Hashgraph.  Listed below are several important interviews / discussions on this new Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  We would highly recommend you listen to these and get familiar with this technology, as this is (in our opinion) going to be the new technology platform standard for the foreseeable future.

Over the past few months, we have learned through our research, that Bitcoin is unsustainable in its current platform using blockchain technology.  The experts below can explain the reasons why far better than we can.  So we encourage you to be patient, listen, and learn just as we are doing and will continue to do.  This first informative VIDEO is presented by Dr. Steve Pieczenk (MD and PhD who also  served under 5 U.S. President Administrations in the State Department), articulates quite clearly in  5-6 minutes “why” Bitcoin is not sustainable as a global currency:

This second video is a little lengthy yet very well done, more detailed, and begins with presenting the promises of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.  However, as this experienced investor/researcher discovers in furthering his research, there are serious limitations with Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology platform it’s based on.  Take a listen:

So, you want to know more about Hashgraph?  Below are several discussions and sources to listen to and research.  The founders and “Heavy Hitters” and master minds behind this technology of Hashgraph, are Leemon Baird & Mance Harmon.  Together they formed  SWIRLDS.  Check out their website and interviews available online.

This discussion below is with a group of Swirld’s key, yet few employees in an event in late 2017 hosted by Demetri Kofinas of Hidden Forces.

Below is Leemon Baird, the developer of Hashgraph and Co-Founder of Swirld, talking about this next evolution of technology that will revolutionize cryptocurrencies, the internet and the way we use technology in the world today and in the future.  Take a listen:

Below is another presentation on the Hashgraph technology by Leemon Baird PhD.

We hope you will find this post helpful and insightful.  This technology is extremely powerful with many, many applications and implications on how we are going to exchange, share and manage data and information in the future.  As we always state, do your own research and analysis.  Don’t rely on what we say or present.  We’re simply trying to bring to light information that we find to be of interest and value, and want to share with our clients and readers.

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