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Election Fraud In The U.S. – FACT OR FICTION?

Hello Everyone!  Well, we’re almost two weeks past the general elections, and we thought we’d let the dust settle a little bit before addressing the issue of election fraud, and whether or not it is fact or fiction would make for an interesting and timely post.  We are NOT claiming election fraud in this past election of President-elect Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, we’re simply addressing the issue, and attempting to shed some light on the possibility that election fraud may exist here in America, and if so…to what extent.  While mainstream media apparently dismisses the notion and possibility that election fraud exists here in the United States, and labels those who do believe this or discuss this as out-of-touch, non-sense and conspiracy theory, we want to show some alternative views from credible sources that you may want to consider.

Many people we have spoken with regarding the issue of election fraud and stolen election possibilities here in the U.S., both recently and in the past, also tend to dismiss this issue as either non-sense or a conspiracy theory as well.  The few people that we have spoken to about this issue that more readily accept this as a real possibility and threat are high-tech professionals who understand software & network engineering and mathematical algorithms.  That said, those business professionals generally do not fit our typical client profile for whom we are writing this post.  Business professionals like you (lawyers/CPA’s etc), while well-informed, generally dismiss this issue as well, due to disbelief that this could happen in America, lack of evidence or credible sources that would support this position and take this matter more seriously.  We’re not going to try convincing you one way or another as to “if” this happens or is even a possibility.  We simply want to present to you several sources of information for you to review, consider and to weigh the evidence so that you may come to your own conclusions.  As we ALWAYS stress to our readers, do your homework so that you are better informed so that you can make better decisions.

The better people are informed, the more likely corrective legislation can be discussed, drafted and implemented to change or fix the problem our society faces.  We don’t know if this past election was fixed/stolen/modified because there is no credible “provable” public audit of voting results prior to/during/after the polls close that verify that ALL voting terminals/servers/data centers have clean software, and accurate mathematical algorithms encoded into the software are verified.  If we do have this authenticated process in place, please let us and the sources listed below know…because we haven’t seen them yet.  Listed below are just a few of the many sources available that competently address the issue of election fraud in the U.S.:

  1. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury – Biography) discusses and provides links to support his position on election fraud ARTICLE #1, ARTICLE #2.
  2. World News Daily – Information Clearing House interview with Professor Mark Crispin Miller – (of New York University),  “Can U.S. Elections Be Stolen”
  3. – Black Box Voting, founded in 2003, is a nonpartisan investigative reporting and public education organization for elections.
  4. Investigative Reporter – Jon Rapporport’s blog post on October 31, 2016 Election Fraud

Interesting information, right?  The question is, how will we as voters, citizens of the United States respond to this issue?  Do we the American public really care or care enough to want to make a difference?  There is a solution…we the people must get informed, organize and discuss, then act judicially to hold our representatives accountable in making the changes necessary to resolve this issue.  We’ve presented some credible sources that expose that election fraud here in the U.S. exists.  So the question is, what are you and I going to do?…What are “we” going to do about it?

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