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Something Strange In The Numbers?

Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge


Hello Everyone!  Every once in a while we want to let newer viewers know why our business blog exists, and why we provide the content that we do.  As our longer-term readers know, the content of our blog is to serve two purposes:

  1. First, to provide meaningful/helpful business management content to help lawyers/law firms/CPA’s and other business professionals to better manage their short-term and long-term business goals and objectives.
  2. Second, is to provide our readers with powerful, insightful news, comments, and commentaries related to financial/economic/and political information that may not be reported by mainstream news media, and not as well-known or understood by the general public. Read more
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Social Media – Is It a Waste of Time?

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The question many small businesses are asking is, “Is social media helpful for my business or is it a waste of time?”  Well, the obvious answer is, it depends.  There is no dispute that social media is perhaps one of the most powerful, most influential mediums and tools used by businesses to reach the masses.  However it may not be quite the panacea for your business as it may be for others.  We came across an article in the Washington Post back on September 24th by Eric Holtzclaw that we thought would be of interest.  We wanted to share this article’s points and add our perspective as well. Read more