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The Volcker Rule…Update

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg


Good Morning!  Just a brief update to the previous post regarding the Volcker Rule…Volcker himself said he didn’t help write the rule that is now in place.  Surprised…we’re not.  Here’s the Bloomberg Article that discusses this in general.  Having the Volcker Rule is certainly better than leaving things as they were.  However, it just begs the following questions: Read more

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The Volcker Rule




Hello Everyone!

Oh, you’re going to appreciate this…The article on Bloomberg today hits it right on the head.  It really makes one ask in a serious, not joking way, can congress and our leadership in its current state really solve anything that isn’t tainted with special interests?  The answer is obvious.  Expecting or hoping that congress can take a simple concept and translate it into a clear identifiable and enforceable law or set of regulations that is in the best interest of “we the people” is becoming futile.  Case in point…in the late 90’s under the leadership of President Clinton, the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed.  Fourteen years later after the consequences of that decision by our government, they decided it wasn’t such a good decision after all… Read more