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Do You Want To Know…Really?

Federal-Reserve-Building-Washington D.C.

Federal-Reserve-Building-Washington D.C.


Good Morning!  So, let me ask you…how can the stock market be at all-time highs, the bond market is just off their all-time highs (it peaked approx. 18 months ago, but still at stratospheric levels), the U.S. Federal Deficit is at all-time record highs, the demand for “physical” gold is booming everywhere in the world except the U.S., yet gold prices have declined from their 2011 highs (approx. $1900 p/oz.) and are currently stagnant?  Do you ever wonder where this QE money is coming from?  Do you ever ask yourself how or why?  Is anyone awake? Read more

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Remember, Buy Low….Sell High?

Floor Trader

Jin Lee/Bloomberg


We thought this Article on Bloomberg would be of interest to our viewers.  Remember the old saying. “Buy low, sell high?”  Remember another old saying, “Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it?”  Well, here we are again…  Seems like the retail investor will lose their investment “lunch” once again.  It really is unfortunate because we have vast amounts of historical information available at our fingertips 24/7.   If we would only take the time to do a little research and study history, then compare it with where we are today, we might be better informed, more astute and perhaps savvier investors. Read more