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Statistics…An Unbiased Source?

Good Morning!  We came across an interesting website called and thought it would be of interest to those who are seeking alternative sources of statistical information such as the Unemployment Rate, CPI and M3 (which is no longer being published…I wonder why?).  We found this site to be of interest and a helpful alternative to statistical information published by the U.S. Government.  Those of you who know statistics, and have a financial background understand that the numbers that are published to the public by the U.S. Government may not always tell the whole picture…and we’re putting it mildly.  We hope this site will become a helpful tool for you in your personal and professional lives, and remember…always do your own homework. Read more

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The Volcker Rule…Update

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg


Good Morning!  Just a brief update to the previous post regarding the Volcker Rule…Volcker himself said he didn’t help write the rule that is now in place.  Surprised…we’re not.  Here’s the Bloomberg Article that discusses this in general.  Having the Volcker Rule is certainly better than leaving things as they were.  However, it just begs the following questions: Read more

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The Volcker Rule




Hello Everyone!

Oh, you’re going to appreciate this…The article on Bloomberg today hits it right on the head.  It really makes one ask in a serious, not joking way, can congress and our leadership in its current state really solve anything that isn’t tainted with special interests?  The answer is obvious.  Expecting or hoping that congress can take a simple concept and translate it into a clear identifiable and enforceable law or set of regulations that is in the best interest of “we the people” is becoming futile.  Case in point…in the late 90’s under the leadership of President Clinton, the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed.  Fourteen years later after the consequences of that decision by our government, they decided it wasn’t such a good decision after all… Read more

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The IMF – Global Wealth Confiscation?

(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Hello Everyone!

We found this recent article in Forbes online by Bill Frezza, that we thought would be of interest.  This article cautions the world about the IMF and its’ proposed solution to the global debt crisis…global wealth confiscation  We wanted to share the article with you… Read more

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Remember, Buy Low….Sell High?

Floor Trader

Jin Lee/Bloomberg


We thought this Article on Bloomberg would be of interest to our viewers.  Remember the old saying. “Buy low, sell high?”  Remember another old saying, “Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it?”  Well, here we are again…  Seems like the retail investor will lose their investment “lunch” once again.  It really is unfortunate because we have vast amounts of historical information available at our fingertips 24/7.   If we would only take the time to do a little research and study history, then compare it with where we are today, we might be better informed, more astute and perhaps savvier investors. Read more

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Economic Warnings From China…

China's Economic Woes

China’s Economic Woe’s


China's Real Estate Bubble

China’s Real Estate Bubble

Hello everyone, this mornings post is on the economic woe’s of China.  We don’t hear a whole lot about the economic challenges China is facing, and how these economic woe’s will ultimately impact the U.S. and the rest of the world economically.  This Article on Bloomberg today, really touches on what is going on behind the scenes economically.  Some of you may be very familiar with this situation, but for those of your who aren’t…we highly recommend that you read and forward these stories to everyone you know.  In addition to this Bloomberg article,  we also recommend that you, your colleagues, family and friends watch this Story that aired on 60 Minutes just over 8 months ago. Read more

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Social Media – Is It a Waste of Time?

Socail Media Picture  Social Media #2

The question many small businesses are asking is, “Is social media helpful for my business or is it a waste of time?”  Well, the obvious answer is, it depends.  There is no dispute that social media is perhaps one of the most powerful, most influential mediums and tools used by businesses to reach the masses.  However it may not be quite the panacea for your business as it may be for others.  We came across an article in the Washington Post back on September 24th by Eric Holtzclaw that we thought would be of interest.  We wanted to share this article’s points and add our perspective as well. Read more

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5 scholarships thatnot need an excellent GPA This won;t come as surprising information: devoid of a great GPA can disqualify you should you; re levels are significantly less than good. Blend a typical GPA with non involvement in activities or extracurricular pursuits and an insufficient rare characteristics (such as an unconventional level or race) also it may seem like no scholarships occur for you. Effectively, that couldn;t be further from your truth. Even though you might have slacked a bit in senior high school, you are able to nevertheless discover approaches to finance your degree. By Widman, MoodBoard Don ;t be worried about that annoying grade-point average matter when obtaining these five scholarships. Just reach it! Listed here are just five of the numerous scholarships that Don’t;t demand a superior GPA (and also if you have a good GPA, you are able to still apply). 1. No Essay Scholarship Probably significantly more than anyone, School Prowler delivers continuous hope for college students using its $2,000 ; No Essay Grant. This monthly fund basically involves one to fill in an online type and hope for the best, since the champion is selected using a drawing. No nice GPA or dissertation needed. Only understanding basic information about yourself (like your label and birthday) and the way to form might get you some special educational costs moola. You are able to apply every month for this scholarship, which can be available to ;high schoolers, people looking to head back to school, existing university students and anyone else planning to attend college or graduate school within 12 months,; in line with the site. Wise, Don’t; t? 2. $1,000 Each Month Scholarship You know how you got tremendous excited about the School Prowler fund I in the above list? Yes, get enthusiastic again because & GotChosen;s $1000 regular fund ‘s almost the same thing, only less money. Available to U.S. and international students over 18 years of age, this grant requires one to enroll with GotChosen (simple) and enter the regular random drawing. Using doesn t need #, a good GPA, dissertation or long-form & going for a gamble. And not like Nevada blackjack betting often, since & you;ve truly got nothing to reduce. And you;re waiting for what? No defense actually suffices. 3. AFSA 000 Fund, $20 Are you able to study? Then you can be able to gain this grant. The National Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) delivers $20,000 in scholarships (five winners at $2,000 each) to the 10-high school pupils (U.S. Inhabitants or legal citizens) whose titles pop-up in a drawing. But here;s the kicker: You have to read a six- page doc around the sprinkler market and have a twenty-issue multiple-choice exam. It;s open book and each right answer ratings you an entry into the drawing (10 is the many entries you could have). You perhaps get yourself incorrect responses, which doesn;t occur often with exams to be corrected by an opportunity. Who understands, probably it’ll also motivate the fire industry to be joined by you in the act. 4. A GPA Isn; t Regular Fund It;s unclear precisely how one wins Cappex;s $1,000 ;A GPA Isn;t Everything; Monthly Fund but it looks clear within the label ; it;s not your GPA. Like other scholarships with this number, implementing just demands one to fill in standard information about oneself along with your educational history and college strategies. It s available for students currently signed up for high school or faculty or people who plan to attend college within the next 12 weeks. There s one winner, using a timeline at the conclusion of each month. However feel GPA is everything? 5. Zinch;s grant that is regular regular scholarship may in the event the above regular and annual aren t enough to cheer you up s $ 1,000. Besides, it’s more enjoyable than most scholarships. Available to National high-school or university students who’re at the very least 16-years-old, this grant involves one to enter basic information about yourself and remedy a short essay problem. And they do mean brief ; 280 figures or less (much like Twitter structure, but merely a tad bit longer). You may well be expected to read what this means to anything completely different or you and a passageway. The essay topic changes weekly. You’ll be able to apply a week. Worst-case situation: you receive of addressing an appealing query in a couple of quick paragraphs, the fun challenge. Best case situation: You gain a grant. It;s basically a win win. Which means you didn;t do anything else that typically qualifies somebody to get a grant or may not did properly in faculty or high-school thus far? You still land the way or two along a scholarship and can generally do those things to any extent further. Your prior educational performance doesn; t have to interfere with your potential schooling. Don’t hesitate, although: some of those scholarships possibly possess a deadline coming shortly. Property a few of that free money the substantial GPA, player-sorts have now been hogging for such a long time. You may even have the assurance to strike-out all on your own and find a lot scholarships & you ;re qualified for. Jon Fortenbury is definitely an Austin- based writer who feels stay pests really are a comical transition in evolution. He;s been posted from the loves of the Post and it is a regular contributor including Follow him on Twitter (@jonwrites) to determine his desperate Tweets to Zooey Deschanel on her turn in marriage. Let; s get social

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The Fed’s New Health Care Website

Did you really expect the Federal Government’s launch of its new healthcare website was going to go without some kind of issues?  We thought this story in the Washington Post would be of interest.  The question still remains…when will the new site be stable enough to be a trusted tool for American’s to use with confidence?  The jury is still out on this one… Read more