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Cyber Security – Part 1

Jim Rickards – The Daily Reckoning

Cyber Security may be the number one economic threat to individuals, businesses and to our nation.  Recently, there was a massive breach in cyber security for some of the largest companies in the world.  For the most part, it was brushed over on mainstream media for a few days.  Nothing substantial was revealed in terms of understanding the nature of this particular cyber hacking, and the potential threat and depth of damage this may have lead to.  Jim Rickards wrote an interesting post on his blog, THE DAILY RECKONING regarding cyber security that we thought would be of interest to our clients and readers.  Jim gives a macro perspective on the three degrees of the cyber security threats that currently exist in the world today.

We’ll post a follow-up to this in a few weeks to address how cyber security experts are strategizing about how to best address this imminent threat currently and for the future.  Hopefully their insights will enable us as business owners and individuals to take practical and actionable steps to better control the security and privacy of our data (well, as best we can).   Given that we live in a state of technological acquiescence (whether we realize it or not), have you ever seriously considered just how quickly and easily we “accept” the terms and conditions of downloading new software or software updates to our smart phones?  Do we really understand the access rights we are granting to these organizations, and what they’re doing with our data and who they’re sharing our data with?  Think about it…  Until then, we hope you enjoy reading the article by Jim Rickards.  Back to you in a week or two…


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