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Is The US Economy A House Of Cards?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - IPE

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – IPE U.S. Unemployment Rate U.S. GDP Annual Growth


Good Morning Everyone!  Each day, we listen to various forms of  news media talking about our economic recovery…that the economy is bouncing back from the great recession.  We do see evidences that there are pockets of recovery, particularly in the areas of oil and natural gas.  But as a nation as a whole, what type of recovery are we seeing?  What are the majority of new jobs being created?  Locally here in Petaluma, CA we see new shopping centers sprouting up.  That’s good right?  Well…what types of jobs are being created?  Retail.  While these jobs are necessary, they are the lowest paying.  We’ve also noticed that there are many vacancies in these new shopping centers.  So what does that say?  Are the developers simply ahead of the economic curve and anticipating a stronger recovery ahead?  Is the economy truly recovering, and if so, how meaningful is this “recovery”…or is it merely a temporary uptick…or is it possibly a house of cards? Read more

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Statistics…An Unbiased Source?

Good Morning!  We came across an interesting website called and thought it would be of interest to those who are seeking alternative sources of statistical information such as the Unemployment Rate, CPI and M3 (which is no longer being published…I wonder why?).  We found this site to be of interest and a helpful alternative to statistical information published by the U.S. Government.  Those of you who know statistics, and have a financial background understand that the numbers that are published to the public by the U.S. Government may not always tell the whole picture…and we’re putting it mildly.  We hope this site will become a helpful tool for you in your personal and professional lives, and remember…always do your own homework. Read more